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Out of everything in SAO II so far, this is what bothers me the most. Not DEATH GUN, or the terrible, overly dramatic dialog or the fact that a bullet came out of a power outlet.

This is shitty writing and what people mean when they say “forced drama.” There’s no reason for her to mention this here, all it does is tell the viewer “once something happened to her!” It doesn’t establish anything but the fact that a thing happened once when she was shooting a gun. All this weird exposition exists for is to make viewers with bad taste stick around to find out what she’s talking about.

bruh you are reachin that is some regular ass backstory foreshadowing

Two episodes out, better start hating. Not like there’s 22 episodes left or anything like that. Kek.

Nothing wrong with that line, if some shit happened to me in the past and I later found my self in a situation that is similar to said past event, I’d be thinking the same thing. People need to chill. 

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